2019. március 31., vasárnap

Sivananda's Pranayama

The simply perfect breathing exercise: 

"Technique: Sit comfortably on a chair, sofa or easy-chair. Draw the air through both nostrils, as long as comfortable. Retain as long as comfortable. Repeat your Ishta Mantra or 'OM' while retaining the breath. Then exhale as long as comfortable. You need not observe any ratio between the inhalation, exhalation and retention; but let the inhalation and exhalation be deep and full.
Benefit: The benefits of this Pranayama are incalculable. All the muscles are relaxed. All the nerves are toned. Rhythm and harmony are established in the entire being. Mind is calmed. Circulation is promoted. An inexpressible peace and bliss come to reign within you.

You can do it in the morning while lying in bed. Your mind will become alert for commencing Japa and Dhyana. You can do it when the mind is about to lose balance on account of the setting in of lust, anger or other evil Vrittis; the mind will be filled with a great power that will prevent the evil Vrittis from disturbing it. You can do it just before commencing your study; the mind will be concentrated easily and what you study will be indelibly impressed in your mind. You can do it during your office-work; you will get new strength every time and you will never be tired. When you return home from the office you can practise this Pranayama and you will be recharged with fresh energy.

The greatest advantage is that once you start doing it you will do it very often; and your mind can never find an excuse for not practising this Ati-Sukha-Purvaka Pranayama, very easy and comfortable Pranayama which has all the advantages of Pranayama, without its 'rules and regulations'. Do it from now without fail."

Source: The Divine Life Society/ Sivanandaonline.org

2017. november 23., csütörtök

The Yoga Mat

I got a recommendation from a thorough Yoga Mat testing, HERE can find it. Thank you, it is very well work and I recommend reading it too, because it is really important question in the daily Yoga practice.

The article inspired me to describe my Yoga Mat experience:

It is very old and very special mat, because I can fold it:

This is for me important, because some asana need a bit thicker mat, for example the Headstand.

I bought my Yoga Mat an polifoam factory in Hungary for 3-4dollar (converted from Hungarian Forint) about 15 years before. I use it and I'll take it myself everywhere ever since: in Malta or in Azores.

The biggest damage my kids did in it :) my yoga practices not. Many time I take it to the washing machine and never was problem.

So this was my Yoga Mat story.

Om Namah Sivaya ✿

2017. október 16., hétfő

The Lotus Pose - Padmasana

In the Yoga, the Lotus is a base seated pose, yet it is difficult for many to perform, forced and painful feeling. That's why I want to help it step by step to teach.

First of all sit a lot (much as you can) on the ground. This helps to loosen your hips and prepares your lower body.

On the floor sit on a comfortable blanket or carpet and initially lift your bottom (your feet no). The pillow is gradually replaced by a roll of blanket and the lifting be to the back of your bottom.

Find a comfortable seated pose in which you can stay for a long time, example:Keeling Pose - Vajrasana:
Easy Pose - Sukhasana:
or the Burmese Sitting (the feet are parallel):
These seats can be combined and we will be able to sit on the floor for a long time.

Sometimes we can to relax in a Butterfly Pose, or stretch our legs alternately to stretch and relax mainly around the thighs and knees.

If we are prepared for the Lotus seat, we can comfortably and for a long time to sit on the ground practicing first the Half Lotus Pose. Place one of our feet on our thighs:
be sure to keep both our feet for the same amount of time on your thighs.

Then, relax your ankle as follows: sit in a stretched seat, bend one foot, put it on our thighs as if it were on the half Lotus. Hold your bent feet at your toes with your hands and move them gently, circling in both directions. Let's try to relax your feet completely, just move your hand.

If you can easily do a half Lotus seat, you can try the full Lotus seat: put both legs at the base of your thighs, but be careful to keep one foot
for the same amount of time
 than the other one.
Note: even in the hot summer, do not sit on with naked leg in the Lotus seat, your feet will to sweat, to stick and uncomfortably to pull your skin.

Om Namah Sivaya ✿

2017. május 15., hétfő

Yoga and the Technics

You can support not only through reading the Internet our yoga at home nowadays. There are many other technical device that can help it.

Such as your camera and video production tools.

Because if you are uncertain about the accuracy of the workmanship, you can record it and then look back to see where it is necessary to correct it.

I take pictures of the correct asana, and I try to describe it as clearly, but there are lots of photos and videos on the web too, you can find it.

If you do not have anyone who can help to make picture, you can easily do it with timer. It is worth make with the longest time interval, and even then you can spend enough time to keep, to specify and do the most of the asana.

Om Namah Sivaya ✿

2017. április 29., szombat

Pregnancy Yoga Part 3. - Spine Exercises

After Shoulder and Hip Exercises continue with...

Spine exercises:

Cat Pose

Start in on all fours Pose. With exhale close it down your head and your hip with curve back, then lift up those high with inhale. Do it slowly, synchronously with your breathing. Practice a few times. The Cat Pose refreshes the whole spine from the cervical to the caudal vertebrae. The main practice to the lower back pain. After relax in Child pose.

Child Pose

Relax with opened knees (because for your belly need place!) outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Easyer Locust Pose

Start in on all fours pose again and raise one foot backwards with a deep inhale just as good as high. Hold it for a short time and then do the exercise with the other leg. If you want to make it difficult, raise your opposite arm upwards too. Take care of your balance, look stiffly at one point, it is help to keep your balance. Then relax with opened knees and outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Dog Pose (in a smaller straddle)

Lift your hips high from on all fours pose, your feet and arms be stretched. Hold the Asana as long as it is good. It releases the hip area and stretches the whole body. After the practice relax with opened knees and outstretched arms in Child Pose.

Tree Pose
This is balancing exercise, let's look at a point rigid before and then you can keep your balance. Stand in one leg stable and slowly lift the other leg just as comfortable for you. If you stand stable raise your hands high as you know. Keep it, stretch up. Practice with both feet. Hold the Asana as long as it is good. It enhances concentration ability and balance sensitivity.

Standing spine twisting

Stand up. Put your right leg forward and left leg at the back, than do the lifted right hand at the back and left hand forward, twist the entire upper body to the right side including your head. Keep it as feel as good. Repeat it in the opposite direction.

Triangle Pose in kneeling

This is a easyer Triangle Pose and that is started from kneeling. Stretch it your left leg to the side, and stretch up the arms in full length. Exhalation and bend left sideways and keep the exercise as long as it's good. Repeat for the other side. It helps digestion, stretches the entire upper body while loosening the hip.                                    

Finally relax a longer in Pregnancy Savasana, in the Tiger Pose with deep abdonimal breathing.

Om Namah Sivaya ✿

2017. április 19., szerda

Pregnancy Yoga Part 2. - Shoulder and Hip Exercises

After the Eye-, Neck-, Breathe Exercise stay in sit cross-legged (or other yoga sitting pose) and do some...

Shoulder and Hip Exercises:

Bending to the side

Bend to the one side with deep exhalation, rise back to the center with deep inhalation and bend to other side with deep exhalation. This exercise stretch the entire torso and shoulders, helps digestion, refreshes the spine and waist. Carry out a few times to the each side.

Easy spine twisting pose

Twist your spine as follows: put your right hand to the back and put your left hand to the right knee. It refreshes the whole spine, keep it as long as well. Turn back slowly and now put your left hand to the back and put the right hand to the left knee. Keep it again as long as well. Strive to turn with your head too during the exercise, then receive the cervical in twist also.

Butterfly Seat

Touch your soles together and pull your foot heels to your groin. Try to keep your knees towards the ground and come near to down with every exhale. This exercise is very good for your hip, beneficial for mothers, it helps expand your pelvic girdle and preparing for childbirth. Stay in the Asana as long as it feels good.


Sit in comfortable straddle, stretch your hands high and bend forward with straight back until your tummy permits. It is also very good for your hip and pelvic girdle extension practice. Hold the position for as long as you want it.

Pigeon Pose (easy variant)

Always practice after straddle. Pull your right foot to your groin and stretch your left foot to back. Rely on your hand, keep your body straight. Keep the Pose as long as it feels good and change foot. It provides the thighs and hips in the opposite direction and refresh your hip and pelvic girdle. 

Relax few minutes in Pregnancy Savasana - in Tiger Pose.

Om Namah Sivaya ✿